Privacy Policy

The privacy of the user is of utmost priority to us. We assure the protection of user(s) personal and non-personal information. At this website, we may collect personal and non-personal information of the user. While personal information includes names, gender, postal address, email address and phone number, the non-personal information includes IP address, browser name, Internet Service Provider and devices used by the user(s) to access this website.

Tracking Policy

As our website use cookies and other related tools/technologies, we may track and collect user(s) activities to manage the session on our website and identify the user(s) or visitor(s) account activities and other information. Though cookies and other related tracking technologies allow us to save user(s) or visitor(s) personal information, however, we never save your password nor provide this information to any third-party entity.

In case a visitor(s) or user(s) click on any ads or links displaying on our website or page, our privacy policy doesn’t cover any cookies activities in such situation. We cannot be held liable for any declaration about cookies or other tracking technologies practiced by the ads and links clicked by the user(s) or visitor(s).

At any time, the user(s) or visitor(s) to our website can reject or accept cookies in their web browser. Regardless of the choice made by you, you can still use our website, subject to our Terms of Use.